Ken-Rock Community Center

Ken-Rock Softball Standings as of June 10 W L
Midget League W L
Mitch's Dream Team-Cardinals 4 0
A-1 Dry Cleaners- Cubs 3 1
Gottman's Automotive- Mets 1 3
11th Street Express Print- Angels 0 4
Pee Wee League W L
Generations CU- Yankees 4 0
Blackhawk AC- Cubs 3 1
Hampton Properties- Angels 1 3
Natural Choice Water- Cardinals 0 4
Mighty Mites League W L
Plumber & Pipefitter- Cubs 4 0
Smith Oil- White Sox 4 0
Teamsters Local 325- Cardinals 4 0
Rockford Tool Craft- Astros 4 0

Ken-Rock Softball at Sportscore 1

Registration is Closed. Email to be placed on wait list

This summer, the Ken-Rock Community Center will be moving to the Mercy Health Sportscore 1 for the 2019 Youth Softball season.We are excited to bring the oldest youth softball program in the state of Illinois to one of the finest softball/soccer complexes in the United States. Ken-Rock is a member of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).

Information about the season.

Season: Practice begins the week of May 13. Practices will be held a neighborhood parks.

Opening day: The Season will open on Saturday, June 1 with our traditional ceremony/parade at noon and Team Pictures and Games will follow.Our leagues run through the week of July 21.

Site and Game Day: All games are played on Monday & Wednesday nights at the Mercy Health Sportscore 1 1288 Elmwood Road.


Ken-Rock believes in full participation. All players will bat throughout the game and play at last two consecutive innings on defense (six outs).


Softball registration fee is $80 per player. Includes shirt, Major League Baseball replica cap, pants, socks and end of season award.

League Information

(Please note: Age is determined as of August 1, 2019. 

League Age Description
Coach Pitch 8 & Under League DescriptionCoach Pitch is an instructional league to teach 6-8 year old players the fundamentals of softball. This is a coach pitch league.  Teams will be attired in cap, jersey, and pants. These are training leagues and the development of a player's skill and personality must remain the prime goal of the coach, rather than the winning. Games are played on Monday & Wednesdays. REGISTRATION FULL
Pee Wee 11 & Under League Description: Pee Wee's Beginning with  Pee Wee Softball, the players are playing real softball in accordance with The Rules of USSSA as well as specific Local rules that are in place to supersede the USSSA rules where appropriate such as pitching, substitution, re-entry,  etc. Games are played on Monday & Wednesdays. REGISTRATION FULL
Juniors 15 & Under League Description: Junior League  Softball, the players are playing real softball in accordance with The Rules of USSSA as well as specific Local rules that are in place to supersede the USSSA rules where appropriate such as pitching, substitution, re-entry,  etc.  Junior Games are played on Monday & Wednesdays. REGISTRATION FULL


How do I register to play?  You can register through this website. Click"register" on the bottom of the page.  The website will step you through the process. Once you pay for the program you are signing up for, you are officially registered.

What will the uniform include?
All divisions will receive: Hat, Shirt, Pants & Socks

Do you hold tryouts?
 No. Our recreational league is a pay to play league. If you pay the fee, you play.

Do you offer payment plans?Yes. All fees have to be paid in full by May 15. This is when uniforms are being purchased. Unfortunately, Ken-Rock does not have a "Funder' to support a fee assistance program. For a payment plan please contact John Guth, Executive Director at

How can I sign up to be a volunteer coach? Very simple, email John Guth, Executive Director at

We want to only play for Coach _____ or with player _____ - can you make that happen?
 We encourage you to enter your requests during registration, A large percentage of requests are honored every season, but we have never been able to honor all of them. Sorry.
Note: Family members and coaches kids will be automatically placed on that team. Players returning to the same team in the same division are automatically placed on that team. 

What days do you play?
The days the Ken-Rock Youth Softball Program will compete in league play will be on Monday & Wednesday evenings at the Beautiful Sportscore 1 We will with the Rockford Park District Staff to schedule  make-up games.

How will I know what size uniform to order?
Our uniform suppliers have pretty standard sizes. Pick what you would normally choose if you went to a standard department store. If you really don't know what to choose, just make a good guess.

Are you affiliated with Rockford Park District?
Ken-Rock Community Center is separate from the Rockford Park District, They are an amazing partner for us and we are grateful to be welcomed to host the league at one of the finest softball facilities in the United States. Our relationship with the RPD is limited to our usage of that facility. Many other programs also use this facility.

What does USSSA stand for?
For the the past 20 years,  our league has been affiliated with the national USSSA . United States Specialty Sports Association

Where is your office?
Our office is located at 3218 11th Street with full time staff overseeing the youth softball leagues. Including Executive Director John Guth and Umpire In Chief & USSSA Hall of Famer Jerry Hoiness.

What equipment does the league supply, and what do I have to buy?
Each Head Coach will be provided a team bag that has community helmets, baseballs, bats, and some catchers gear. If you are OK with using this equipment, go for it. We do find that most players like to have their own helmet and bat. You will need to supply your own baseball glove and cleats, as well as any other accessories you want.

How does Ken-Rock handle thunder/lighting?
We take your safety seriously. The Rockford Park District Sportscore 1 Staff will make the decision to pull teams off the field. Therefore, we enforce a 30 minute delay for every lighting strike seen or thunder heard. Once thunder or lighting is recognized, everyone should clear the field and find shelter. This may be in a car, under a pavilion, or inside a building - either way, don't remain on the field.


contact or call 398-8864 ext 100