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Improve the Quality of Life for Children and Families in Recreation and Education.
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Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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What people say

“I can say that Ken-Rock Community Center has played a major role in my life. I can say that my life would not be what it is today without Ken-Rock Community Center.” Terry Dodge
“I grew up at Ken Rock Community Center playing in their sports programs year-around. Ken Rock was a family affair with my father coaching three sports, my sister involved in sports and my mother supporting it all. I was lucky enough to have a lot of support at home but what has really lasted with me over the years is the impact that sports and Ken Rock had on friends that did not have that same family support. Ken Rock and their programs were really a lifeline to many kids that decided playing sports was better than getting in trouble. The volunteers and staff of Ken Rock provided positive role models for young kids and I will be forever grateful that Ken Rock Community Center was a big part of my youth.”   Jeff Blum
Looking back this was probably the most pivotal part of my life. Ken-Rock keep me busy so I wasn't running the streets like my other peers were not as fortunate. It gave me a father figure through my coaches that I did not have. . Ken-Rock was the reason I played sports in high school and my senior year was named athlete of the year for the entire conference.  I believe the things I was taught from the Ken-Rock Community Center made this an easy transition for it to happen.  There is so much more to tell but all of this was made possible because of Ken-Rock Community Center giving a small little black kid a chance, keeping him off the streets and showing him that someone cares. My son plays football for the University of Texas El Paso, so it will continue because of Ken-Rock.” Leonard Bell, Jefferson HS, Indiana U, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Oilers  
“Growing up participating in athletics at Ken-Rock gave me a strong foundation that helped develop my self-confidence and positive attitude, and taught me valuable lessons about how to work with others towards goals, win with class, and lose with dignity. Through Ken-Rock, I developed life-long friendships and bonded with my father. Now, twenty years later, my friends and family cherish the memories of our family experiences through Ken-Rock athletics. I had wonderful coaches who volunteered their time, not merely to win, but much more importantly, to develop boys socially, emotionally, and physically into young men with character. I will always think back to my childhood at Ken-Rock with fondness and know that everything Ken-Rock had done for me, it has done for thousands of other boys and girls for generations.” Chad Anderson  
“The William Howard Charitable Trust has been proud to support youth sports at Ken-Rock for over 20 years.  Why?  Because the programs are well run, well attended and truly make positive impacts on youth.  Through after school programs and team sports, Ken Rock motivates rewards and encourages youth to be good citizens and good adults.  We feel that is a solid investment in our future.  This level of grass roots/neighborhood programming is a key to creating a culture of teamwork, non-violence and self-confidence for youth.” Sue Grans