Friday Bingo Night!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Reopening February 11

 Over $4,000 Up for Grabs!

 Free Bingo Cards with the purchase of a Raffle Package

Doors open at 5 p.m./Bingo at 6:45 p.m. EFFU/ 6:50 G-Ball Bingo at 7 p.m.
Bingo Hotline: 815-988-6063 

Raffle Package Prices/ Bingo Cards are FREE

  • $2,400.00 minimum in Payouts
  • $50.00 VIP Includes-Speed Ball, 2- Early Birds, 2-Odd Even’s, 1- Dual Dab, 6-EFFU, 6-Queen of Hearts plus FREE Fireball!
  • $30 Package -Includes-Speed Ball, 2- Early Birds, 2-Odd/Even & 2-Plinko Sheets
  • $25 Raffle Package- Speed Ball, 2- Early Birds, 1-Odd/Even & 1-Plinko Sheet
  • Included with every Raffle Package – all the bingo cards you can play for FREE
  • $20 Bingo Package- Paper only. (No raffle games included)

Jackpots & Specials

  • Dual Dab Jackpot with on the Pyramid at $500.00
  • Odd-Even Jackpot Based on Attendance Starts at $300.00
  • Queen of Hearts JACKPOT at $1,000.00
  •  G-Ball, Progressive Jackpot at $1,000.00
  • 2-$500.00 Blackouts
  • 2-$300.00 Blackouts
  • Fire Ball (Hot ball) Progressive Jackpot. Progresses Nightly every time Fireball is called.
  • Come play the interactive jackpot games such as PLINKO, QUEEN OF HEARTS & PRYAMID
  • Full Concessions but Outside food welcomed

“Just wanted to write and say what a great job you and Savanah & Co. do.  Very fun, very professional…the pay outs are awesome, and you’ve given us a great way to connect with friends each week!”- DANA