Ken-Rock Community Center

Ken-Rock Community Center hosts Concealed Carry Classes monthly. 

One must have the proper MINDSET to make the best choice in any situation….

It is important to react safely and quickly if a dangerous situation arises. Ken-Rock Community Center’s primary focus of training is to prepare our students to be calm in any event.

One must have the proper SKILL to know what to do once a decision is made….

It is imperative to have the proper skills and reaction time once a decision to act is made. It is imperative to practice and train to ensure the safety of innocents.

One must have the right TOOLS to ensure safety and accuracy when they do act….

In the unfortunate event that one must fire their gun in order to protect themselves or someone else, they will need to possess the tools to ensure they are able to remain calm to maintain the safety of innocent bystanders through accuracy and integrity.

  • No FOID card required to take class
  • Discounts available for those with military or law enforcement experience.
  • Previous NRA Credited Courses
  • No weapon required
  • Training Instructors provided by J&C Consultants of Rockford
Upcoming Concealed Carry Courses
Dates Time Room
May 25 & 26 9-5 pm TBA
June 29 & 30 9-5 pm  TBA
July 27 & 28 9-5pm TBA
Note: June 8, 21 July 20, 21 3 Hrs Renewals- $75

Please do not bring any firearms in to the community center.

Class costs are $125 for general public, $100 for former members of law enforcement and $75 for military veterans. That pays for 16 hours of training, which includes two hours at a firing range.

Students who have a military or law enforcement background will only need to attend day 2 to please bring DD Form 214 or Police Training Institute certification (PTI).  People who have FOID and/or Utah CCW or NRA basic training or hunters safety course need to bring that as well.

We  ask that you do not bring your firearm into the classroom.  On day two, which is qualification day, you may bring your own firearm, however, we request that you leave it unloaded and in your car.  If you do not have a firearm let us know and one can be arranged for you at a fee. Also, lunch will be on your own.

The range time varies but we try to get there by 3 pm on Sunday,Students may their own guns or we can provide some at rental cost of $10 and they range from 9mm-45 calibers. There is no written test you will have a shooting test and the fee to get your Concealed Carry License to the state is $150 after completion. 

There is a no refund policy. If you do not make the class you have signed up for you forfeit those fees. If you have to take the full class, you will need to attend both Sat/Sun 9-5 pm. Students that have approved prior training  (Utah Concealed Carry for example) will need to attend beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday and 9-5 p.m. on Sunday. Veterans and Former Law Enforcement will only need to attend the Sunday class.

Please Pay enrollment fee when submitting your ONLINE registration to be considered enrolled.

Any questions, please call 815-398-8864 ext 100