Ken-Rock Community Center

Ken-Rock Community Center hosts Concealed Carry Classes monthly. 

One must have the proper MINDSET to make the best choice in any situation….

It is important to react safely and quickly if a dangerous situation arises. Ken-Rock Community Center’s primary focus of training is to prepare our students to be calm in any event.

One must have the proper SKILL to know what to do once a decision is made….

It is imperative to have the proper skills and reaction time once a decision to act is made. It is imperative to practice and train to ensure the safety of innocents.

One must have the right TOOLS to ensure safety and accuracy when they do act….

In the unfortunate event that one must fire their gun in order to protect themselves or someone else, they will need to possess the tools to ensure they are able to remain calm to maintain the safety of innocent bystanders through accuracy and integrity.

  • No FOID card required to take class
  • No weapon required
  • Training Instructors provided by Rockford Concealed Carry
  • All of our first 8 hr classes are now free! That’s right, your Illinois Concealed and Carry First Class Free! This includes free coffee and water.
Upcoming Concealed Carry Courses
Dates Time Location
August 24 & 25 (Full 16 Hour Class) 9-5 pm Staybridge Suites 633 N Bell School Rd, Rockford, IL 61107
Upcoming renewal class date pending TBA TBA

Good News! The new 3 hour renewal for your Illinois conceal and carry is now available. The Illinois State Police have sent us the certificates, so we may now start teaching the class . Don’t wait as it may take some time to process these permits and you don’t want to carry with an expired permit. Please sign-up for your renewal class today. The course will be about 3 hours long. How much will it cost?  $75  If you took the 16 hrs from us $65 for the 3 hrs renewal classes on the calendar

You may take a Saturday first class and then take the Sunday 2nd class the following day, or you may choose to take the 2nd class later, so you don’t burn your whole weekend. In other words, you need not take them the same weekend. If you haven’t chosen your conceal carry firearm, consider waiting until after this class. You may use one of ours for $20 we talk about what to look for, and the best options for your needs. Everyone is different and the “gunstore” saleman doesn’t always have your best interest at heart. You may save a great deal of money by using this option and making the right choice to start! You also need not buy a holster for the same reasons, you may use one of hours for free.

Where? Staybridge Suites 633 N Bell School Rd Rockford Illinois 61107 (Click for Directions) Coffee and water provided.

When? All Classes Start at 9 am.

<—-Sign up for your Illinois Concealed Carry Class and Permit Course by choosing a date and clicking on the text below it.

Utah and Florida can also be done stand alone if you already have Illinois conceal and carry.

We know how costly it is to acquire your  Illinois concealed carry permit. We do this to make a buck, but we also do it because we love what we do and we want to make it as affordable to you as possible. Hidden fees? Nope, this means that you will get your entire 16hrs for $150, or $235 with Utah and Florida. Livescan prints available at time of class too, but not required! This covers all training related charges; State fees are also required. New Class for Concealed Carry Permit Holders, or people who want to learn how to concealed carry. “Defensive Pistol Inside & Outside The Home 1-2”  This is the class we would like to be able to teach you during your CCW training, but state requirements do not leave time for what you really need to know!  

This is the class where you learn how to defend yourself with the firearm by doing it on the range. Some of what you will learn, Point shooting, shooting on the move, shooting from the hip. Shooting from a seated position, shooting near and far. When to shoot and when not to with scenario based courses in which you will walk through and clear a house or decide to shoot with other people around. When you get through this class you will have a good fundamental base with actual concealed carry methods.

If you want to be as good as you can be, we then offer the 2nd class which you will learn advanced techniques such as loading and reloaded with one arm left or right. Shooting from your back and more teachiques which require a sound base which you will get in class one.

How do I get my Illinois concealed carry permit? See our FAQ here

We also hold Utah Concealed Carry Classes

All of hour 16hr course now allow for you to get Illinois, Utah, and Florida concealed and carry licenses.

Please Pay enrollment fee when submitting your ONLINE registration to be considered enrolled.

Any questions, please call 815-398-8864 ext 100