Hall of Fame

Ken-Rock Sports Hall of Fame
1994 – John Moyer, Don Blum
1995 – Dick Johnson
1996 – Ed Wayman, Judie Dawson
1997 – Mike Fraser
1998 – Ron Maxwell, Bob Westlund, Joyce Davis
1999 – Art Keen, Rick Norsen, Jim Salivar
2000 – Jerry Andreen
2001 – Lester Johnson
2002 – Cal Powers
2003 – Dave Hedden
2004 – Leo Pastuska
2005 – Mary Gillette
2007 – Dave Healy
2010 – Ed Garza
2012 – Chuck Lynde
2013 – Larry Lighthall, Joe Leach
2014 – Lisa Beebe
2015 – Brian Fowler
2016 – Chad Erickson, Stacy Erickson
2017– Raymond Aumann
2018- Blackhawk Athletic Club 

Ken-Rock Community Center has a rich tradition of organized team sports since the 1950’s. The programs have had success including fast pitch boys softball teams that gained National attention by winning ASA National Titles. All of these teams were led by volunteers.

The community center’s strength has been its committed volunteer base. Adult volunteers have mentored thousands of children over the years. They give of themselves so selflessly. In 1994, the Ken-Rock Community Center established its very own Hall of Fame to honor these local heroes.

The amount of volunteers that have made an impact is immeasurable. We celebrate Opening Day every year to recognize new inductees. We do not have every volunteer at our finger tips. If you would like to nominate a past volunteer please email mrkenrock@kenrock.org in care of Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. Have as many details as you can provide for the committee to review. We cannot guarantee induction, but we promise to consider all nominations. Children for over 70 years have been led by special volunteers that left an impact on our community. We welcome all nominees.



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Ken-Rock Community Center is renowned for its youth recreation sports programs. Over 1,200 boys and girls participate in year round sports and recreational activities. Fun, Sportsmanship and skill development is the focus of these programs along with a stress on character development.

All of Ken-Rock's sports programs depend on volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering contact Athletic Director Ron Adams by email at R.adams@kenrock.org or by phone at (815) 398-8864.

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