Friday & Saturday Night Bingo

Friday & Saturday Night Bingo. Best Game in Town! 

Doors open at 5 p.m./Bingo at 7 p.m.

Game Jackpot 
645 pm Bonanza $250/$100
Letter X- early bird $25
Picture Frame- early bird $50
Blackout- early bird $100
Letter T $65
Picture Frame $75
Blackout $300
9 Pack (anywhere) $50
PLINKO up to $600
Odd-Even $500
Dual Dab $100
Cross Fire/Wild Star $100
$1,000 Progressive Jackpot
Double Bingo $65
Picture Frame $75
Blackout $100
Double Bingo Hard way $50
Letter L $65
Picture Frame $75
Blackout $300


  • $500 weekly Odd Even
  • $1,000 Cross Fire
  • Come Play PLINKO!!! Win up to $600.00
  • 4th Saturday of month is $25 Saturday Night Special
  • Monthly Special of Live Music
  • Warm friendly Staff & volunteers. 
  • Bingo Hot line 815-494-8007 for Bingo updates and specials.
  • Awesome Concessions
  • Monthly specials of cards
  • Paper only bingo.  Package special of all the cards you can play!
  • Free Dauber use. Just bring them back when you’re done!

Thank you for enjoying our Bingo at Ken-Rock. Having a blast every Friday & Saturday night!!!!

Be Involved

Ken-Rock Community Center is renowned for its youth recreation sports programs. Over 1,200 boys and girls participate in year round sports and recreational activities. Fun, Sportsmanship and skill development is the focus of these programs along with a stress on character development.

All of Ken-Rock's sports programs depend on volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering contact Athletic Director Ron Adams by email at or by phone at (815) 398-8864.

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